Payload Integration

Aerial MOB’s staff and crews include the most experienced UAS Pilot’s in the industry. For aerial cinematography the staff includes top DP’s and camera operators. In some operations you will have a sUAS pilot, a gimbal operator, a focus puller and/or zoom operator, as well as a visual observer.  For these experts to do their jobs, the complicated camera systems must be configured with a motion stabilization unit.  These systems may change over the course of a single shot as heavy glass in the lenses move with respect to the motion stabilizer yet are expected to produce butter smooth footage in windy conditions.

To produce the best footage, engineering meets art and a technically advanced group of engineers support Aerial MOB.  On any given day our expert aerial cinematographers and technicians may have to configure a sUAS payload, in the field, on the fly.

In more rigorous situations, such as a recent NASA subcontract we have been working on, specific payloads are developed, tested and qualified in:

  • Environmental chambers
  • Vibration tables
  • Shielded anti RF chambers
  • Real world testing

This expertise in creating systems that interface with an sUAS is generally referred to as payload integration.  We have worked to integrate a variety of  sensors, cameras, communication networks, antenna’s and laser systems.  For communication relays using drones, a mesh radio is used on a set of drones, and interfaces with a variety of ground based systems.  These systems can be robots, vehicles, sUAS and static ground stations.  Each of these sub-systems require some degree of payload integration as there are usually different sensors located in different parts of the overall system diagram.

Payload integration can include:

  • Intimate knowledge of sensors to be used in the payload
  • Mechanical interfaces
  • Electrical Interfaces
  • Network Interfaces
  • Analog/Digital RF links for video and telemetry
  • C2, Command and Control
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Electronic Health Monitoring
  • GUI interfaces
  • Specific Data Links, wired and wireless

What does that mean for the end user? Aerial MOB will assess each project on a case by case basis and provides a unique and efficient payload integration solution to meet your needs.


Here are some samples of payload integration: