Multirotor Aircraft Systems

Peugeot downtown LA
Aerial MOB Medium Lifter operating in downtown Los Angeles, CA

Aerial MOB uses drones every day to capture data for our customers. These safe, effective aircraft can provide tremendous value.


Aerial MOB is highly experienced in the design, building, and operation of all levels of multirotor lifter aircraft systems. Multirotor, or multicopters, are generally the main image that comes to mind when talking about small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), commercial UAVs or drones.  Aerial MOB’s multirotors have many distinct advantages over other platforms when it comes to all types of sensor work:

  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing:  Allows for very small footprints for launch and recovery.
  • Completely Mobile:  Aerial MOB lifters have proven themselves in all conditions, altitudes, and harsh environments.  Getting to any location across the globe is not a problem.
  • Minimal Setup Time: A standard Aerial MOB lifter can be completely ready to go in under 30 minutes upon arrival.
  • Unparalleled Stability:  With up to 8 rotors changing speed at close to 400 times a second, stability is never an issue even in the stiffest of winds.
  • Reliability:  Simple electric motors with the possibility of redundancy makes for a consistent and reliable platform.
  • High Payload Mass Fraction:  Payloads up to 50% of the total weight of the system are possible.  Aerial MOB  currently operates systems with payloads ranging from 0.5 lbs to 20+ lbs while still weighing under the FAA mandated limit of 55 lb max takeoff weight.
  • Technology Improvements: High levels of investment are constantly improving the underlying technology as well as the performance and intelligence of the systems.  Aerial MOB prides itself in maintaining its expertise in this arena and has deep contacts across the spectrum of technologies.


Example of an Aerial MOB Heavy Lifter with a 6K sensor and gimbal package

Per the FAA and Aerial MOB’s 333 Exemption,  Aerial MOB (and most all operators except for very restricted cases) are restricted by a 55 lb gross take-off weight.  In practicality, this allows for a very wide range of sensors, payloads, cameras, and equipment to flown.  Aerial MOB maintains a diverse fleet of sUAS which are capable of take-off weights from less than 4 lbs all the weigh up to close the 55lb limit.  These aircraft are maintained at the highest levels by trained technicians and supported by experienced engineers.  This fleet gives Aerial MOB unparalleled capabilities to design equipment and teams around a specific operation.

When talking sUAS, drones, UAVs, or aircraft, Aerial MOB focuses on complete systems.  The aircraft itself makes up a very small portion of the overall system required to operate effectively in a robust, professional environment.  Aerial MOB prides itself in maintaining innovation and technological superiority throughout it’s fleet of aircraft systems.  You can be assured that when Aerial MOB shows up, the team is prepared and ready to go for data acquisition in whatever form required.

As technology and sUAS experts, Aerial MOB can guarantee a solution to fit your needs.