Sensor Surveys

Example sensor from Quasar Federal Systems.

Sensors come in many forms, and we have flown many different types.  Care must be taken to isolate noise sources on the unmanned aircraft so that spurious signals are not generated from the aircraft.  Our team of engineers and scientists have deep understanding of system integration, low noise measurements, dedication to repeatability in the measurement, as well as data workflow management.  We can provide DIT services as well.

Examples of the types of scientific and industrial equipment that we have flown on sUAS:

  • Dipole Antenna for lightning surveys on a fixed wing delta aircraft
  • High Frequency Electric Field cross correlated with a Magnetic sensor with high impedance, low noise electronics on a multi rotor aircraft
  • Low Frequency Electric field sensors for oil and precious metal underground mapping
  • Thermal / IR measurements
  • LiDAR precision measurement devices

Great use of sUAS technology is the remote collection of ground based sensor data.  This can be done using drones by acting as a data relay.  A drone may also wirelessly collect the data streams by getting close to the sensor node and use near field communication strategies to aggregate a recent data set and bring it back to a base station for integration into a larger data stream.  There are concepts from skysense and others that aim to have ‘drone ports’ where drones land, charge, and interface data to central locations; or the cloud.

Our expertise in sensor integration, payload integration, payload management, data collection, flight management, safety management and regulatory compliance puts Aerial MOB in a unique position to help your company take high quality scientific measurements using drones.  This can be done with both fixed wing, and multi rotor technology.