Industrial Inspection

Aerial MOB has experience operating unmanned systems for industrial inspection.  Every day, people risk their lives inspecting the machinery and infrastructure that drives our society.  The term ‘industrial inspection’ can span many vertical markets; petrochemical, power distribution, construction management, solar farm work, waterworks, roadway development, construction surveys; the list is endless.


We have performed these types of tasks with a wide array of drones.  Each task and payload requires a match to a proper aircraft.  We have integrated these unmanned systems with COTS (commercial off the shelf) as well as custom designed payloads.  We have experience integrating into existing workflows; data delivery, safety officers, local officials, FAA notification of operation.  We have extensive experience creating the electro-mechanical fixtures used to interface with sensors and attach to the drone.  We have extensive experience with motion stabilization.  We have experience creating custom flight planning for regular industrial inspection intervals, as well as on-tap emergency or ready to order, a-la-carte drone services.

Project Highlight: Ivanpah, NV.

This solar facility is known to kill birds [source].  Aerial inspection of this facility, especially during operational hours can be very treacherous to the workers, as well as a low flying full scale aircraft.  With minimal risk to property and no risk to human life, the inspection of this facility made for spectacular photos, as well as useful data about where mis-aligned mirrors were located in the overall array of over 170,000 heliostats, spread over 3,500 acres of land!

Drone-port tools for industrial inspection:

  • Multi Rotor drones can be used to spot check areas of interest as well as perform highly 3D choreographed waypoints, but are limited in flight times.
  • Fixed Wing drones can be used to survey large areas of land (pipelines, powerlines,  security perimeters) or to provide longer flight times
  • Ground / Air teaming where ground based robots are used in conjunction with multi-rotor or fixed wing aircraft to perform a complicated mission set.

A drone is really just a tool.  It is an aerial platform that acts much like a sensor ‘arm’ that can be put anywhere in the sky.

Project Highlight: Reagan National Library, Interior Inspection

Industrial Inspection Drones can work inside, and outside as you can see in the next sequence of photographs that were taken within the Reagan library to get close-ups of the status of the exhibits.  No scaffolding was needed to perform complicated inspections that would other wise impact the operation of the museum.

Every day examples used by our industrial drone experts:

  • Power Lines lie next to constantly changing vegetation, and drones can be used to measure how close a live power line is to an obstruction
  • During an emergency response, multi-rotor drones can be used to rapidly assess damage in localized areas
  • Property perimeters can be regularly checked for safety issues using change detection techniques
  • Remote sensor data collection without the need for wired/fixed infrastructure
  • Construction site monitoring for insurance and efficiency

Industrial Inspection Example:Powerline Distribution Inspection

This video shows examples of how Aerial MOB has expertise in:

If you need a safe, trustworthy, predictable drone services and integration company, then Aerial MOB has the track record to get your job done.  Industrial work takes an eye for detail, and the work can be very sensitive.  We have qualified pilots on staff that can provide value to your existing industrial inspection workflow.

Drones provide a safe platform to gather many types of data:

  • Electro-Optical (Images & Video),
    • High Res Photogrammetry
    • Video HD, UHD, 4K, 6K & 8K Video collection using motion stabilization
  • Infra-Red Thermal & Specialty Image Sensors (IR / Hyper-spectral)
  • LIDAR 3D Point-clouds & 2D Point-fans
  • Custom Payload Integration
    • Dipole antennas
    • Gas sensors
    • Magnetic Field Surveys
    • Electric Field Surveys