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LIDAR Pod on sUAS for Powerline Inspection


Combining the leading innovators in UAS technology integration and applications with the most technically advanced full-service geospatial solutions provider in North America

SAN DIEGO, California (January 28, 2016)
Aerial MOB, LLC, a leader in UAS (drone) aerial technology applications, has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Quantum Spatial Inc. (QSI), a leading supplier of geospatial data and solutions. Aerial MOB and QSI will immediately begin working towards combining each other’s technical capabilities to provide geospatial data solutions more effectively and efficiently via UAS technology.

Both company’s clients can now enjoy more robust geospatial data that will allow them to further mitigate risks and manage their resources across many industries including utilities, transportation, environmental, and government sectors.

“Aerial MOB is very excited to be forming this alliance with QSI,” says Jonathan Montague, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, Aerial MOB. “By combining Aerial MOB’s capabilities in the rapidly expanding commercial drone industry with QSI’s ability to provide geospatial data and solutions for its clients, both companies will be able to deliver more robust usable data and resources to all of our clients as well as develop new solution-oriented technologies to service a wide array of customers across multiple industries.”

“The combined solutions that QSI and Aerial MOB provide transcend any that are currently available,” says Eric Woodyard, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation at Quantum Spatial, Inc. “By aligning our respective core competencies, we are merging UAS remote sensing, geospatial analytics, and machine learning to provide our customers with a turnkey geospatial intelligence solution that will redefine how the commercial UAS industry views remote sensing.”

Aerial MOB was the pioneer in the development of very first UAS safety standards with the Federal Aviation Administration. In September 2014, Aerial MOB became the first company in the U.S. to gain FAA approval for use of UAS commercially.

Aerial MOB is the leading company in the development of commercial solutions with unmanned aerial systems (drones) for various industries ranging from asset/infrastructure inspection, to film production, media and experiential marketing, and aerial 3D mapping. Utilizing state-of-the-art UAS technology backed by engineers, technologists, and tech industry entrepreneurs, Aerial MOB is at the forefront of delivering a long list of commercial UAS solutions to many industries.

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Please visit Quantumspatial.com for more information regarding QSI.

PDF Version of this press release:
QSI-AM press release 1 28 2016

Use of LiDAR in Rainforest Management

Velodyne LiDAR's are some of the best, and lightest in the world. They were used extensively in DARPA's different robotics challenge.
Velodyne LiDAR’s are some of the best, and lightest in the world. They were used extensively in DARPA’s different robotics challenge.

Monica England, our marketing director, found this great article on how LiDAR mounted to a sUAS was used in a very challenging environment to accurately measure properties of the forest.  The quantity and quality of data that comes from gathering point cloud data with sUAS systems is shown to be very useful.

In the specific case of having to operate under a forest canopy where normal data collection methods (full scale helicopters or fixed wing aircraft) would not be able to penetrate the canopy.

Aerial MOB’s vegetation management service aims to bring this cutting edge service to every day work that is familiar across our country.  The arborists, landscapers and landscape designers will all be able to use this data gathering tool.  These tools will be used to provide better estimates to clients, provide information to vegetation managers to allow for precision pruning of our urban forests and to measure / plan the growth of these assets.

Science Direct Article